Learn To Copy Morse Code In Your Head

Copying Morse code in your head is a pleasant way to communicate. During a CW QSO, I will write down the name, call sign, location and signal strength for my log book and copy the rest of the communication in my head. When copying in your head, each letter is copied mentally and words spelled out in your head. After some practice it will come automatically for you.

I have created a program to assist you in learning to copy Morse code in your head. Everything you need will be contained on a single USB flashdrive that I will provide to you.

In the program there are audio Morse code presentations followed by a visual display. The visual display shows the information in large print and upper case letters. The visual display verifies that you have received the Morse code correctly.

There are 18 exercises in the program. Exercises #1 and #12 are for refreshing one’s use of the Morse code. All of the other exercises are for learning to copy Morse code in your head and for increasing your code speed. There are 9 exercises with words from 2 letter words to 10 letter words, 3 exercises with short stories, 2 exercises with statements, and an exercise for receiving Morse code — gradually increasing from 12 words per minute up to 20 words per minute.

Most of the exercises are at 16 words per minute, which is a good speed for learning to copy Morse code by sound. If a person learns the Morse code at too low of a speed, they will have to relearn it again at higher speeds.

Computer Requirements:

  • Windows Media Player
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8

How to Purchase:

The purchase price is $20 by Check or Money Order. The program comes with a programmed USB flashdrive and instructions. Mail your Check or Money Order to:

Carl Dahlberg, N7AGK
P.O. Box 753
Bonners Ferry, Idaho 83805-0753

Have Questions? Feel free to contact me.

73 – Carl N7AGK